We offer a one-time workshop for anyone interested in experiencing copper craft and more systematized curriculum for those who wish to learn the craft more seriously. Feel free to inquire us about more details!

Copper Plate-making Workshop

Learn about local copper history and culture in Sendai and experience it for yourself in this unique and memorable hands-on workshop! Lead by copper craftspeople of Tazen, participants make a 90 x 90 cm hammered copper plate which can be used for displaying jewelry and trinkets or serving small tapas and desserts. Choose from three finishes: natural hammered copper, fired copper, or dyed copper.

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Intensive Copperware Workshop

Learn several fundamental copperwork techniques such as hammering, spinning, molding, and coloring, as well as handle different tools and materials under the guidance of Tazen craftspeople in this advanced copper crafting workshop. This program, which is open to anyone regardless of experience, emphasizes hands-on learning, practical skills, and is tailored to teach each participant based on their level. This is a great workshop for those who want to experience the fun of copper crafting and improve their technique at the same time.

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