Founded in 1596, Zenzo Tanaka, the founder of Tazen, was invited to Sendai from Osaka by Masamune Date. When Zenzo’s ability impressed the famous lord in the copper craft. It was before Sendai itself came into existence. Tazen’s work has continually evolved around copper for more than 420 years, changing form to meet the demands of the time. Now, Tazen is revisiting its roots in copper craft, combining 400 years of tradition with contemporary sensibility.

Akagane (Copper)

The term akagane, refers to copper, literally “red gold” in Japanese. Copper, which is the oldest metal in human history, and has long been an indispensable part of daily life in a variety of ways due to its high workability, beautifully changing color, excellent durability, and lightness.

We at Tazen consider the essence of copper to be its conductivity. Copper transmits not only heat and electricity, but also, in modern times, information. We continue to accompany people in their daily lives with copper and its communicative power, building relationships, and crafting meaningful products that suit their needs.


御銅師 | On-akagane-shi


Zen Tanaka is the 19th generation on-akagane-shi (御銅師: the official copper artisan who handles governmental and religious important copper works) in Tazen, revisiting the company’s tradition as the family of a copper artisan. He has trained as a copper artisan since his youth. He has mastered various copper techniques and has a reputation for skillfully blending innovative design and traditional craftsmanship.

銅師 | Akagane-shi


Copper artisan Taku Sakurai first began to learn copper forging in his teens. After university and graduate school, he decided to work for Tazen in order to make use of what he had learned from working in the local community. Currently, he is engaged in product development, repair, and production under the supervision of master copper craftsman Zen Tanaka.

銅師 | Akagane-shi


Tazen copper aritsan Hikaru Sasahara was interested in visual arts and in crafting things from a young age. After an experience at part-time job during her teens helping a customer with their wedding band, she decided to major in metal forging, a field where she could craft things that stay with people for lifetimes. After a brief stint working at a general company unrelated to crafting, she quickly learned that she could not give up her passion for making things, and joined the team at Tazen as a copper artisan.


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